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Hey there,

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to my website. My name is Becca.

I am a qualified Fitness and Nutrition Coach working both online and in person. I am 24, from Ireland and I am currently living in the beautiful city of lights, Paris. To date, I have trained hundreds of women worldwide and my main mission is always to teach women the fundamentals so that they have the tools they need to continue on their journey.

I was always fit growing up but of course, as we all know once we grow up and life happens. That's what happened for me, eating foods because I could eat them, eating out of convenience, not prioritising a healthy level of daily activity, takeouts and it was always sugary sodas, it was never water. I was in denial too, having always been a size UK6, I stubbornly believed I had gained one dress size, squeezing into clothes that simply didn't fit me because I refused to believe I had let myself go so like this. I had in fact wen't from 58kg to 80kg (pictured below).

In 2018, I became cabin crew and it wasn't until my second month flying I arrived back into my hotel room and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I took my uniform off and I broke down. I cried.

I cried and I promised myself from that moment onwards, I am going to prioritise my body, I don't know what I'm doing but I am going to start today, right now. I wiped those tears, put on some black leggings I had packed and my pyjamas top and I went directly to the hotel gym.

I will forever be grateful for that moment, as here now I stand owning my own coaching company, having worked online with hundreds of women from all over the world. I stand here today knowing I have committed every opportunity to building my knowledge and experience so I can successfully help women who are just like me.

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For any questions you may have, please never hesitate to contact me.

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